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ingredient spotlight

Image by Melissa Di Rocco

rolled oats

sourced from Maine Grains, Skowhegan, ME

New England has a rich history of producing grains like oats, rye, wheat, corn, and buckwheat. Maine Grains is reviving this tradition to ensure that nutritious local grains are available and affordable for our community. Outside of commodity pricing and markets, Maine Grains works directly with each of its farmers to create transparent, sustainable, and economically feasible trade relationships. Farmers supplying Maine Grains pledge never to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on their grain crops. The Maine Grains milling facility is certified organic through the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.


  • rich in antioxidants

  • high in soluble fiber

  • known to lower cholesterol

  • may assist in controlling blood sugar

  • promotes healthy gut bacteria

Image by Dhruv Mehra

pure maple syrup

sourced from Ben's Sugar Shack

Ben has a long history with maple syrup. When he was five years old, he visited a maple harvesting operation in pre-school and was so excited that he began harvesting his own maple syrup with his dad the very next day. By the age of fifteen, Ben had won the Maple Producers Carlisle Trophy, given to the producer of the best syrup in New Hampshire. Today, Ben operates two sugar houses, where he produces his award-winning syrup for both personal and commercial uses and plans on expanding his business even further. If you are ever in New Hampshire during sugaring season, you can even go visit, taste the different grades, take tours of the sugar house and his operations, and try out his other maple products!  


  • contains trace minerals

  • anti-inflammatory

  • antioxidants (ORAC value of 590)

  • grade A dark or very dark have up to 300% more antioxidants than light

Image by Dhruv Mehra
Image by Mockup Graphics


Did you know our classic granola contains turmeric?

Here are some facts to remember about turmeric to impress your family and friends around the breakfast table:


•Curcumin, a compound found in turmeric is an antioxidant powerhouse that supports a balanced inflammatory response in the body. 


•Turmeric often is paired with pepper to enhance absorption into your body…however an even better ingredient to pair with turmeric for absorption is a fat like coconut oil - which lucky for you is a main ingredient in our granola as well! 


•In Hindu households' mothers draw several lines at the front door with turmeric, a domestic practice that wards off evil spirits.


Along with putting good shit in your body, you’re keeping bad shit out ya life…all in one little bag of granola - who knew?!

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